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2 5 Iron Duke Engine Diagram - Mar 15, 2013  · 2.5l iron duke firing order from the coil - Buick 1992 Century question. Jan 02, 2017  · Pontiac fiero 2.5 iron duke. Very hard to start!! Hesitates bad on acceleration! Posted by Skip Bunn on Jun 01, 2017. Not Sure What Engine to Replace Iron Duke in Fiero. need a wiring diagram for distributor for a 1988 pontiac fiero gt with a 2.8 v6.. Apr 06, 2016  · The 153 cid "Chevy II" engine that Geoffrey has is not the Iron Duke. It is a 4-cylinder version of the contemporary and very conventional Chevy 230 cid six (2/3 * 230 = 153), with the intake and exhaust on the same side of the head..

I'm looking for emission control diagram for 1982 AMC concord with 2.5 L Iron Duke engine and auotmatic transmission. - Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.. Apr 09, 2018  · Thanks Truck for the diagram. My scrambler is finally back on the road again after a long time in the garage. I had the iron duke rebuilt, put new bearings and gaskets in the trans and the transfer case, new u joints and polyurethane bushings all around, and we are ready to. Dec 09, 2012  · I have a 1986 S10 with the 2.5L Iron-Duke, that I am trying to upgrade without directly pouring money over it (I've already had it re-painted, and upholstered the ceiling and visors). I have heard Holley produced a few products for the engine, and that I could use a gasket from the now-discontinued TBI unit to increase the port size and increase air volume without actually having a.

I'm having a problem with my pickup; It's a 1991 Chevy S10, 2WD P/U, 2.5L I4 engine with around 185,000 miles on it. It's the Iron Duke engine, a throttle body injection motor.. For a Chevrolet 2.5L engine the firing order is: 1-3-4-2.. Sep 13, 2012  · The Iron Duke was the somewhat (depending on your personal perspective) affectionate name given to the line of 2.5 liter (151ci) engines produced by GM from the late 70's to the late 80's. It was used predominantly in the Chevy Celebrity, Buick Skylark, Olds Cutlass Calais, Pontiac Fiero, Pontiac 6000 and S-10 pickup..

Jeep with GM Iron Duke inline 4 2.5L/151 in³ (1980-1983). These use a Chrysler custom Torqueflite 904 automatic transmission with an integral Chevrolet bellhousing. Do not confuse with later AMC 2.5 L engine that uses GM small corporate pattern ( see below ).. Oct 20, 2007  · Well, this is my problem My 2.5 is rattling badly, and it's coming from the timing cover. Also, until recently there was a metallic knocking coming from the cover.. Jun 29, 2012  · TBI conversion on 151 Iron Duke ljg17. I love my Chevy Chevette! not just between the battery and the engine block. but the battery neg and the body. the engine and the firewall and the 2 or 3 ground wires sticking out of the fuel injection harness that are usually attached to the back of the block. and sometimes one to the intake.

Mar 18, 2008  · Best Answer: 1342. Pretty much the same for any inline four. Edit: this is the 2.5L 'Iron Duke/Four Tech' engine right? If it has the two coils instead of the distributor, you can mix up the 1 wire with the 4 wire and the 2 wire with the 3 wire and it will still run since it is a waste spark system.. The Chevrolet Iron Duke is known by several names, but Chevy vehicle owners know when this vehicle it sitting underneath their hood. Pontiac was the original manufacturer of the Iron Duke engine in the late 1970s. Other offshoots of GMC used this engine successfully in their vehicles making the Iron Duke just as famous as other notable engines in automotive history..

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